Guangzhou International Institute of AI launched in Nansha

BY :Joanna You, Louis Berney

UPDATED :December 15, 2017


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The Guangzhou International Institute of Artificial Intelligence(AI) was launched in the Nansha Free Trade Zone on December 9. The institute will attempt within three years to attract no less than 30 high-end talent teams with strong influence in the Chinese and foreign AI industries to help facilitate the construction of Nansha's first-class international AI industrial park.

The institute is a new research and development institution that was built by AsiaInfo Group in October. Led by Yahoo founder Jerry Yang and Tian Suning, chairman of AsiaInfo, it will carry out research on cutting-edge technologies such as AI and big data, product development, achievement transformation and industrial promotion.

The AI research institute will invest in the construction of the first free and open AI public technology support platform in China, providing powerful resources for AI enterprises stationed in Guangzhou. Talent teams assigned to the institute can receive rewards of 100 million yuan, 50 million yuan and 30 million yuan respectively.

Other projects of the institute include setting up an AI industry exhibition center, building an AI industrial park, developing a top talent team and establishing a personnel training base to promote the development and application of AI technology in various industries in Guangzhou. The institute further hopes to build a demonstration base for China's AI research and industrial incubation and become one of the world's top AI gathering places.

Tian said the institute will have a vast creative influence on the development of Nansha. He foresees the institute becoming an important part of the world’s AI innovation in the future.

Sixteen labs, including Lenovo, Zero-krypton, Huaxin, Wuzhen Think-tank and Hangzhou Tongdun, signed contracts with the institute on the same day. Dai Ruwei, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was hired as chairman of the institute's Expert Advisory Board.