Experience Yum Cha Culture of Dim Sum at China Hotel

BY :Lifeofguangzhou.com

UPDATED :June 28, 2016


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Yum cha, known as “going out for dim sum,” but at the same time the name of  Chinese bunch or breakfast at which dim sum dishes and tea are served, plays a significant role in Cantonese culture. Hundreds of dim sum dishes can be offered, featuring fried, steamed, roasted and baked delicacies, such as variations of dumplings, buns, and baked tarts. 

Since the recent development of the city, the flavors of dim sum have slightly changed. Each modern decade seems to have had its own representative dishes for yum cha. In the 1980s, BBQ pork buns, steamed pork dumplings and BBQ pork pastry were the most popular dim sum choices for the Cantonese, while sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaves and pan-fried shredded radish and rice flour with XO sauce (a spicy seafood sauce originally from Hong Kong) became favorites during the 1990s. And today shrimp steamed rice-flour rolls, steamed sea fish dumpling, and banana red bean paste pie are popular dishes. 

80\'s representative dishes

90\'s representative dishes

Today\'s representative dishes 

In order to mark the 32nd anniversary of China Hotel, all the classic Cantonese dim sum will be served in the hotels’ two Chinese restaurants,  Food Street and The Four Seasons, through July 31. For enquiries or reservations, please call +86 20 8666 6888.

Opening time:Food Street: Monday - Sunday, 11:00 a.m.-12:00a.m
                          The Four Seasons: Monday - Sunday, 8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
Address: 122 Liu Hua Road, China Hotel, Yue Xiu District

(By Penny Liu, Louis Benery)