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UPDATED :February 19, 2020


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Video from Guangzhou Daily

In what supposed to be happy family hours in the Chinese New Year, thousands of medical workers have been dragged away from home by the novel coronavirus epidemic to the brutal front line of the battle against the virus.

Most of them have to part with their loved ones. They hide their sadness, pretend nothing is serious and bid their loved ones goodbye with smiles, to spare them from worrying, knowing that there may be no coming back.

The touching stories of physician couples, in particular, inspired Xiao Fengchun, a warm-hearted citizen in Guangzhou, to write the song, "Angel against the wind", for those who leave their own family to protect thousands of others'. Zhang Qiong, a well-known singer in China, presented the song.

After published in Xinhua News, the song has made a splash online and gained over one million clicks within 24 hours.  

Touched by the song, Aled Harris, a poet from the UK, who is currently living in China, provides an English version of the lyrics of the song.
I will bury my tears,

to save you from seeing this pain.

Smile through the fear

and turn my face to the rain.

Though I'm soaking,

cold and shaking,

frozen, in a storm,

let me keep you warm.
手心的冷暖 可知晓

I miss you all night long
夜已央  情迷了

I'll greet you with a smile 
依然笑 伊人笑

I will bury my tears.

My eyes will hide their fear.

And I'll pretend I'm fine,
我愿意  无痕迹

for your peace of mind.
怕你 也受伤
Since the epidemic broke out in January, a great number of medical workers from across China have set off for Hubei province, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, to aid the coronavirus control efforts there. They have been busy saving and protecting lives around the clock despite the risk of infection and exhaustion from overwork.

Huang Yonghong, a medical worker from the Zhongshan Gang Kou Hospital in Guangdong province, departed for Hubei province as a member of a medical team on February 14, the Valentine's Day. Before his departure, Huang gave a gift—a bunch of flowers—to his wife, Han Dengke, who is also a medical worker in the Zhongshan People's Hospital. "I think this is the most meaningful and unforgettable Valentine's Day I've ever experienced," the wife said, appearing optimistic. "I don't feel sad for our separation. We have confidence that we can eventually win the battle against the virus."

Xiong Minlong, from the Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital, departed for Hubei province in a medical team on January 24. "My wife is a few months pregnant. She is worried about me but supports my decision and my work," Xiong said. "She and our unborn child are waiting for me at home. So I must take care of myself, win this battle and come back to them."
Photo/People's Daily

Xiao Jiawei, a nurse from the Eighth Hospital of Xi'an, has worked in the front line since the epidemic outbreak. On February 14, the Valentine's Day, she and her husband who is also a medical worker of the same hospital, ran into each other on the hospital's corridor, and it has been a long time for them to see each other as they have different working hours. They were eager to give each other a hug, but finally greeted their loved one with just a handshake in surgical gloves out of security concerns.  

The song praises these heroes for their selfless dedication, courage and hard work amid the epidemic outbreak, and grips the hearts of audience by appealing to their love for family. The song is included in an album dedicated to the medical workers sticking to posts in fight against novel coronavirus. 

Video: Guangzhou Daily
English version of the lyrics of the song: A.Harris