Huang Daopo, an innovator of cotton textile skills

BY :Sophia 丝路云帆

UPDATED :November 16, 2018


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Huang Daopo was a respected innovator of cotton textile technologies in Shanghai about 700 years ago in Yuan dynasty. She was said to be born at Wunijing— today's Hujing Town, Xuhui district of Shanghai—and was ill-treated as a child bride. To seek changes she left home and went to Yazhou—today's Sanya in Hainan Province. She stayed there for 30 years and learned all about the advanced local technologies of cotton textile.

Then she came back to her hometown and taught villagers the skills she learned from Hainan. She introduced new machines and improved tools and skills to weave cotton. With her efforts, the cotton textile industry in Songjiang thrived, and the Shanghai area became the cotton processing center in China.

Because of her contributions to the cotton textile industry, she was highly respected by the local people. After she died, the locals built a temple and made a statue to remember her.

黄道婆墓 The tomb of Huang Daopo

The Wunijing manual cotton textile technology in Xuhui district of Shanghai is said to pass down from Huang Daopo. The technology was included on the list of China's National Intangible Culture Heritage.

黄道婆纪念馆 Huang Daopo Memorial Hall

To carry on the technology, the Huang Daopo Memorial Hall was built and opened to the public in 2003, for citizens to learn about Huang Daopo's contributions and experience the process of making cotton products like scarf and cloth bag.

Citizens can also visit the tomb and the temple of Huang Daopo to get a better idea of Huang's contribution and the development of cotton textile technologies in Shanghai.

Source: WeChat(丝路云帆)