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MSR Cultural event promotes Sino-Cyprus exchanges

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UPDATED :September 28, 2018


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The promotion event of Maritime Silk Road came to Nicosia, Cyprus yesterday, the last stop (after Sri Lanka and Malaysia) of the Maritime Silk Road Cultural Tour 2018— a campaign launched in Guangzhou to promote cultural exchange and cooperation between countries along the ancient sea route.

"Cyprus, located at the crossroad of Asia, Africa and Europe, is a vital stop for China to revive the ancient Silk Road and connect to the world," said Andreas Papacharalambous, mayor of Strovolos Municipality, Nicosia, at the event.

身在亚洲,心却在欧洲?Cyprus, where the goddess of beauty and love was born

"The rejuvenation and development of the Silk Road may pave the path for further cultural exchanges and closer friendship between two countries, and thus facilitate the cooperation of both sides in various fields."

Cyprus, due to its advantageous geographical location, has an important part to play as a stepping stone in the implementation of the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road.

斯特沃洛斯市的市长安德烈·巴巴哈拉兰波斯先生 Andreasn Papacharalambous, mayor of Strovolos Municipality, Nicosia

Huang Xingyuan, Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus said in his speech that Sino-Cyprus cooperation may serve as a model for other European countries to work with China.

"China and Cyprus should not only support each other in issues of core interest, but also play their parts in promoting international economic cooperation and building a community of shared future for mankind," he said.

The ambassador also expected the event to serve as a window for Cypriot people to learn about Maritime Silk Road, and also a bridge for people-to-people exchange between two countries.

"Guangzhou and Nicosia, both with a known history of over 2,000 years, enjoy great prospect of cooperation," said Lu Zhiqiang, director general of the Administration of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Press and Publication of Guangzhou Municipality, at the event.

"We would like to work with Nicosia in cultural exchanges and cooperation in an all-around way."

中国驻塞浦路斯大使黄星原先生和广州市文化广电新闻出版局陆志强 Huang Xingyuan,

Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus and Lu Zhiqiang, director general of the Administration of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Press and Publication of Guangzhou Municipality

Mayor Papacharalambous also believed that the event could be a good start for the development of a close and long-term partnership between the cities of Strovolos and Guangzhou, the major organizer of the event.

Both sides agreed to cooperate in the preservation of cultural heritage on a mutually beneficial basis and signed a memorandum of understanding.

Huang Xingyuan, Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus

The event was launched by China's City Alliances for the Preservation and World Heritage Nomination of Maritime Silk Road Heritage, represented by leaders from cultural administrations of four Chinese cities from the Alliance—Guangzhou, Nanjing, Lishui, and Yangjiang.

More than two thousand years ago, the courageous people of Eurasia explored and opened up several routes of trade and cultural exchanges that linked major civilizations of Asia and Europe, collectively called the Silk Road by later generations.

As the Chinese ambassador said in his previous article on Cyprus Mail, the Silk Road Spirit, featuring peace, cooperation, openness, mutual learning and mutual benefit, has, for thousands of years, promoted the progress of human civilization, and contributed to the prosperity and development of the countries along the routes.

Held around the 5th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, proposed by Chinese president Xi Jinping, the event carries the Silk Road Spirit and was aimed to renew the glory of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, as the Chinese delegation retraced the ancient sea route.

It may mark the end of the Maritime Silk Road Cultural Tour 2018, but possibly a promising start of friendship and partnership between China and Cyprus in the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

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