Latest on the construction of 12 metro lines

BY :Becky, Louis Berney

UPDATED :October 14, 2020


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Guangzhou Metro recently released progress reports on 12 new or extended metro lines under construction, as the city continues to expand its sprawling transportation network and boost connectivity.

1. Line 8 north extension

The north extension of Metro Line 8, running between Cultural Park and Jiaoxin stations (文化公园站—滘心站), is scheduled to start service by the year end. To date, construction work at the extension line is 93 percent completed, with the main body of all 13 stations finished.

One hold-up, however, is that the planned Caihongqiao (彩虹桥站) and Xicun stations (西村站) will not be ready to open to traffic when the line begins service due to construction delays, according to officials.

2. Line 10

Metro Line 10, which travels from Tianhe Coach Terminal station to Xilang station (天河客运站—西塱), will take over a section of the current Line 3 once completed. The route will have 19 stations, including five—from the existing Line 3 between Tianhe Coach Terminal station and Shipaiqiao station—and 14 new ones, 10 of which are currently under construction.

Its Shuqianlu station (署前路站) may be upgraded into an interchange station with Lines 1 and 6, according to the latest version of the Housing Acquisition Scheme of Yuexiu district. To facilitate the upgrade, the Yuexiu District Library (越秀区图书馆), Chen Shuren Memorial Hall (陈树人纪念馆) and other buildings nearby are at risk of being demolished.

3. Line 3 east extension

The east extension of Line 3, from Panyu Square to Haibang (番禺广场—海傍), is designed to connect Panyu Square and the Asian Games City, the two important areas in Panyu district.  

The project will cover four stations: Panyu Bus Terminal, Guangzhou New City West, Jinguang Avenue, and Haibang. Among them, Haibang is an interchange station, connecting to Line 4. Construction work is now 14 percent completed.

4. Line 7 west extension

As the second metro line to connect Guangzhou and Foshan, the west extension of Line 7 starts from Guangzhou South Railway Station and runs to Meidi Dadao in Shunde district in Foshan (广州南站—美的大道). Three of the eight planned stations are interchange ones, linking with Foshan Metro Lines 3 and 11 and Guangfo (Guangzhou-Foshan) Ring Line (广佛环线).   

To date, construction work of the project is 77 percent completed.

5. Line 11

The Line 11, Guangzhou's first circular metro line, will travel through Tianhe, Yuexiu, Liwan, Baiyun and Haizhu districts. A total of 32 stations are planned with 20 inter-exchange ones, bridging with other rails like Lines 1, 2, 3 and the Guangfo Line.

The railway is scheduled to start trial operation in late 2022.

6. Line 18

The Line 18 (Guangzhou East Railway Station-Wanqingsha广州东站—万顷沙) will travel across Guangzhou at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, aiming to be one of the fastest subway lines in China. It goes through Tianhe, Haizhu, Panyu and Nansha districts and plans to stretch southwards to Zhongshan and Zhuhai cities in the future.

To date, construction work is 80 percent completed.

7. Line 22

The Line 22 starts from Panyu Square station and travels northeast, ending at Fangcun station (番禺广场—芳村站). It cuts across Nansha, Panyu and Liwan districts, with a designed speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Construction at the express line is 52 percent completed at present.

8. Phase 2 of Line 13

The second phase of Line 13 will serve some of the most popular and densest areas in Guangzhou, such as Baiyun Lake, Beijing Lu and Tianhe business circle. Some 21 of the 23 planned stations are constructed at the time being.

9. Line 5 east extension

Beginning construction in 2018, the eastern stretch of Line 5 starts from Wenchong station and ends at Huangpu Passenger Station (文冲—黄埔客运站). The subway line is projected to complete construction in 2022.

10. Phase 2 of Line 7

Traversing across Panyu and Huangpu districts, the second phase of Line 7 starts at Higher Education Mega Center South station and terminates at Shuixibei station (大学城南—水西北站). Construction of the north-south line is 21 percent completed to date.

11. Line 12

The Line 12, from Xunfenggang to Higher Education Mega Center South station (浔峰岗—大学城南站), will be the city's first unpiloted subway line. Cutting through Baiyun, Yuexiu, Haizhu and Panyu districts, the rail is expected to begin trial run in 2023.

12. Phase 2 of Line 14
The second phase of Line 14 is designed to shuttle passengers between Jiahe Wanggang and Guangzhou Railway Station (嘉禾望岗—广州火车站). With three interchange stations connecting Lines 2,5, 11 and 12, the express line is anticipated to become operational in December, 2022.

Photos: Guangzhou Daily; Guangzhou Metro; WeChat account "中国广州发布"