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Exhibition of porcelain&paper cutting held in GZ

BY :丝路云帆

UPDATED :September 27, 2020


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An exhibition highlighting both blue and white porcelain from the Qing Dynasty and the brilliant craft of paper cutting kicked off on September 23 at Guangzhou Museum. The exhibition was jointly organized by Guangzhou Museum and Shenyang Palace Museum, offering a rare chance for local citizens to admire the amazing porcelain and paper cutting works.

The blue and white porcelain, commonly known as ‘Qinghua porcelain’, is a cultural gem of ancient China. For centuries, vast quantities of Qinghua porcelain wares had been exported to other parts of Asia, Africa and Europe, making it a symbol of Chinese civilization.

Emerging around the Tang Dynasty, blue and white porcelain ushered in its heyday during the Qing Dynasty, as many imperial kilns sprang up in exclusive service of the imperial court. Products made at this period were best of its kind in terms of whether style, pattern, craftsmanship, color or artistic value.

The exhibition hall

Paper cutting is one of the most popular decorative handicrafts in China. Known for its unique artistry, paper cutting conveys the connotation of traditional Chinese culture with its own particular language and is popular with people as their patterns represent the wishes and hopes for a happy life.

In 2006, paper cutting was listed as national intangible cultural heritage, and it is one of the important carriers of traditional Chinese culture.
A corner of the exhibition hall

Now 73 pieces of blue and white porcelain for imperial use in the Qing Dynasty from Shenyang Palace Museum, as well as over 30 paper cutting works collected across Liaoning province, are on exhibit in Guangzhou and will greet visitors till December 20. Let’s check out some highlights of the exhibition.

Large number of porcelain in various styles
A blue and white vase decorated with figures, Qing Dynasty
A blue and white porcelain vase decorated with lotus flower patterns, Qing Dynasty

 Blue and white porcelain wares on display

Porcelain with diverse decorative patterns

The blue and white porcelain of Qing Dynasty was rich in quantity and often has various decorative patterns, including flowers, animals and figures. The patterns not only are decorative, but also contain special cultural connotation.
Blue and white porcelain decorated with diverse decorative patterns

When porcelain encounters paper cutting

Besides porcelain wares, some 30 paper cutting works based on the styles of porcelain are also exhibited, bringing the patterns of porcelain alive on paper.
Modern paper cutting works on display

More activities scheduled
 An interactive zone of the exhibition

The museum will also plan a series of activities for visitors to explore the charms of blue and white porcelain and paper cutting craftsmanship during the coming National Day holiday. A ‘condensed version’ of the exhibition is also on display in Huacheng Square as well. If you are a fan of traditional Chinese handicraft, don’t miss it.  

Admission:10 yuan
Opening hours: 9:00-17:30 (Closed on Mondays)
Date: September 22-December 20, 2020
Venue: Guangzhou Museum (Zhenhailou Tower)
Transport: Exit E, Yuexiu Park Station, Metro Line 2

Editor: Yuan
Source: Guangzhou Museum