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Scenery between GZ and Macao in export paintings

BY :丝路云帆

UPDATED :May 22, 2020


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Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, merchants travelled between Guangzhou and Macao mainly by water. Scenery along the waterway between the two cities was so picturesque and attractive that it was a frequent theme of export paintings back then.

If you want to admire the enchanting scenery along the waterway, or explore the unique customs and people’s lifestyles in Lingnan region, you can 'tour' the water route between Guangzhou and Macao via the following export paintings.

▲Damentou Fortress

▲Magang Wharf

▲Wenchang Temple, Zhaiwei

▲Pek Tai (Beidi) Temple, Mutouhai River

▲Che Kung Temple, Xiaolan Wharf

▲Hung Shing Temple, Hengdangkou

▲Changzhou Township
▲Jieguan Ting (pavilion for receiving officials) of Xiangshan County

▲ A fortress sitting opposite Shimentou

▲ Shimentou Fortress

▲Haochong Fortress

▲Estuary of Furongsha River

▲A fortress

▲Scenery of the countryside

Editor: Yuan
Source:Guangzhou Archives