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Tour the Nanyue Palace site on its 3D website

BY :丝路云帆

UPDATED :March 10, 2020


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The official website of the Archaeological Site Museum of the Nanyue Palace went online recently, allowing visitors to have a virtual tour around the museum. 

Located in the north central part of Panyu( present-day Guangzhou), the once-spectacular palace of the Nanyue Kingdom faced the Yuexiu Hill in the north and the Pearl River in the south. 

The Pan Pond and Crooked Stone Brook, found at the site of the royal garden in the palace, are typical stone structures, built with similar materials from western stone structures, testifying to the culture exchanges between Guangzhou and the West in ancient times.

Now, the palace site has been turned into an archaeological museum, which showcases the profound history and culture of the city. The website of the museum not only offers visitors the incredible details of the museum in 360-degree panoramas, but also points out the best route for them to 'visit' the Nanyue Palace. Want to have a nice tour? All you need to do is just to click your mouse!

3D exhibits are also available on the website, allowing visitors to get up close to the cultural relics and learn about their stories. Visitors also can enjoy some of the previous exhibitions and get information of the latest cultural events in the museum. 

If you dream to be a cultural relics restorer, the website also presents a perfect chance. It has uploaded a number of interesting games on heritage restoration, through which you can experience the fun of repairing cultural relics online. 

Now, check out the following links and start your tour online!