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A hip-hop music video on Putian released

BY :丝路云帆

UPDATED :December 4, 2019


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A music video featuring history and culture of Putian city, a noted historic and cultural city in eastern Fujian province, was released on November 27.

Written and presented by two young rappers, Ago and Ningge, both from Putian, the cheerful and catchy track narrates the rappers' ardently love and pride for their hometown.

In the music video, the city's natural scenery, local delicacies and profound history are presented. Viewers also can have a look at some cultural heritages of Putian including Puxian Opera(莆仙戏), the southern Shaolin Temple(南少林寺) and Mazu Temle on Meizhou Island.

Now, enjoy the music video!

Located in the central coastal area of Fujian province, Putian has been a crucial commercial hub boasting an excellent geographical location and many admirable harbors, since ancient time.

The city marched towards prosperity in Song dynasty, with a large number of its goods like porcelain exported to the rest of the world.

Putian is also known as the hometown of Mazu, a Chinese sea goddess, who is said to protect sailors and fishermen. Mazu culture and belief, originated from Putian, have now been widely spread and accepted by people home and abroad. 

In April last year, Putian joined China's 26-city Alliance which pledged to protect heritage of the ancient Maritime Silk Road (MSR) and seek designation for it on the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Source: 湄洲妈祖祖庙