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Guangzhou's Population to Reach 18 million in 2020
The State Council approved the 2020 urban plan for Guangzhou. According to the plan, Guangzhou is positioned as an important national central city with 18 million permanent residents expected by 2020.

The China's State Council recently approved the 2020 urban plan for Guangzhou. According to the official comments from the State Council, Guangzhou is positioned as national historic and cultural city, an important national central city, an international commercial and trade center, and a comprehensive transportation center. The council signified that the position of the city had been upgraded from South China's central city to a national central city.

According to statistics from the Guangzhou Statistics Bureau, Guangzhou's permanent population was 13.08 million in 2014. Another 5 million new dwellers will enter the city in the coming six years, with about 800,000 newcomers arriving each year. Most of them will be immigrants.

(By Jessie Huang, Louis Berney)

Editor:Jessie Huang
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