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11 New Guangzhou Metro Lines will be Launched by 2016
Guangzhou railway transportation will have a massive construction, among which 11 new subway lines will be completed in 2016.

On April 8, the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission came out with an overall work program about propelling the industrial development of Guangzhou’s rail transit between 2014 and 2016.

According to the work program, Guangzhou's government will invest more than RMB 200 billion to build 19 railway transportation projects, 12 of which will be finished by 2016, and will complete construction on a total of about 416 km in new railway lines before 2018.

Three of the railway transportation projects will be completed this year, including test sections for a new style of tramcar to run from Wanshengwei to Canton Tower in Haizhu District, the Guangzhou section of the railway between Guiyang and Guangzhou and the Guangzhou section of the railway from Nanning to Guangzhou.

11 new lines passing through every district in Guangzhou

Among the 12 projects, 11 of them are new subway lines, including the extension of Line 6 which will run from Changban to Xiangxue in Luogang. Line 8 will connect Fenghuang Xincun to Cultural Park, where a new northern extension will stretch to Baiyun Lake. Gaozeng, which lies on Line 3, will be the starting point of Line 9, which will end at Fei’eling in Huadu District. This line intends to relieve the traffic burden between Huadu and downtown Guangzhou, while shortening travel time between Guangzhou North Railway Station and Baiyun International Airport.

Yuzhu Station on Line 5 will stretch eastward to Xiangjingling in Zengcheng District, forming Line 13. Another line connecting downtown with Zengcheng will be Line 21, traveling between Tianhe Park and Zengcheng Square. Moreover, a line from Xintang, Zengcheng, to Hongmei, Dongguan, is also in the works. The first phase of Line 14 from Jiahewanggang to Jiekou and its feeder line from Xinhe to Zhenlong are of importance to supporting the development of Conghua District and the Knowledge City.

When it comes to the south, the Guangzhou portion of the Guangfo Line will connect Xilang, the terminus of Line 1 and Guangfo Line (FMetro Line 1), with Lijiao in Haizhu District. Additionally, the first phase of Line 7 will run from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Higher Education Mega Center South and the south section of Line 4 between Jinzhou and Nansha Ferry Terminal are also planned.

(By Fang Ruonan, Ian Heuer)

Editor:Vita Lin
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