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Enning Lu Designated as the City's Second Street of Time-honored Brands
Guangzhou is set to establish its second "street of time-honored brands" at Enning Lu, located in the core of old Guangzhou's Liwan district. Construction will finish within the year.

After Beijing Lu was designated the city's first "street of time-honored brands" by the local government, the second has been announced as Enning Lu. The newly designated street, located in the Xiguan area of old Guangzhou, has been a commercial center for centuries.

Liu Jiansheng, the Executive Secretary of Guangzhou’s Time-honored Brands Association, made the announcement to the Guangzhou Daily. The "Guangzhou Time-honored Brands Street Planning Office” was recently set up at No. 95 Enning Lu.

Liu also noted that there will be a total of 117 shops in the Enning Lu Time-honored Brands Street, compared to 16 in Beijing Lu. The street will stretch 2.9 kilometers, connecting with the Lizhiwan scenic area, Xiguan Square, Enning Lu Qilou-style Street and Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street. Construction is scheduled to be completed before the end of the year. Shoppers will be able to find wedding supplies, Cantonese Opera goods, jewelry and handicrafts, cinemas and Gongfu schools in different sections.

(By Zhang Chi, Ian Heuer)

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