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New Routes for "Water Bus" Ferries Settled
Guangzhou will soon embrace a total of eight routes for "water bus" ferries within the city!

Guangzhou will soon embrace a total of eight routes for "water bus" ferries within the city!

According to a post regarding a route map released by the Guangzhou government's official Weibo microblog on September 10, famous tourist spots such as Canton Tower, Haixinsha Asian Park and The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-Sen's Mansion have been included in the new routes, as well as the emerging residential area of Jinshazhou. Some of the new piers were reported to have completed construction and may open by the end of the month.

The three new routes are

S1 : Jinshazhou (金沙洲) – Xidi (西堤)
(Stops at Jinshazhou, Shiweitang, Huangsha, Xidi)

S11:Huangsha – Canton Tower
(Stops at Huangsha, The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-Sen's Mansion, Canton Tower)

S12: Changzhou(长州) – Haixinsha (海心沙)
(Stops at Changzhou, Yuzhu, Haixinsha)

The new route that starts from Jinsha Zhou has been a long-anticipated relieef for those who are living in this suburban area and plagued by years of massive and prolonged traffic congestion. It will take about 40 minutes to travel thorough the route with the lowest fee of RMB 2.

Passengers have to pay by using the Yangcheng Tong travel card or inserting coins or notes by themselves.

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert, photos from

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