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Guangzhou Premiere of The Phantom of the Opera Electrifies Opera House Stage
This month, The Phantom of the Opera finally arrived in Guangzhou. The city’s premiere of Phantom was presented at the Guangzhou Opera House on September 22.

The world’s first performance of The Phantom of the Opera was staged 29 years ago at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End. Since then, the musical has performed in 145 cities and 27 countries. This month, the musical finally arrived in Guangzhou. The city’s premiere of Phantom was presented at the Guangzhou Opera House on September 22.

Antony Downing, Emilie Lynn, Brad Little and excutive director Philip Godawa were taking an interview.

Officials from the Guangzhou Opera House said that it cost about 30 million RMB to bring this world-class musical to Guangzhou audiences. From stage scenery to performers’ costumes, the opera troupe is trying to bring the most authentic show to Guangzhou. In the words of executive director Philip Godawa, “The musical shown in Guangzhou will be no different from the musicals playing in West End and Broadway.”


Phantom's piano

Perfomer's custumes

Monkey Music Box


The opera troupe also is using one of the props that has been used without change for 26 years in performances of The Phantom - the famous Monkey Music Box. And since the stage of Guangzhou Opera House is higher than the one in Her Majesty’s Theatre or any other opera house in China, Guangzhou audiences get to see a more dramatic display of one of the musical’s most memorable scenes —the crashing to the stage of the fictional Paris opera house chandelier at the close of Act I.

Brad Little, who has appeared on stage in the role of the Phantom 2,500 times, will star in all 40 performances of the musical in Guangzhou. Everyone who bought a ticket can enjoy his talented performance and experience his prolific singing skills during the musical.

Tickets to the final 8 performances (from October 20 of the Phantom of the Opera are still available. They likely will be the last chance for some time for local audiences to enjoy the show in this city. More information can be found at

(By Cassie Lin, Louis Berney)

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