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Exhibition Blends Photography and Painting of Couples
An unusual exhibit melding photography and painting, is being held at the Goelia 225 gallery through September 18.

An unusual exhibit melding photography and painting, is being held at the Goelia 225 gallery through September 18.

Two women artists, Lai Yanyan (Cheli) and Zhang Minxi (Wenxi), like to create images of beloved couples and newlyweds in their own unique ways, one with a camera the other with a paintbrush. They decided to present their works together, so they could complement the missing part of each other’s works in order to present a complete story of the couples.

The exhibition is named “Half" because, these two artists explain, "Life, half is reality, half is dream; love, half is fate, half is persistency.“ Apart from the photographs and paintings that visitors can enjoy, a unique photo studio, also named “half," is part of the exhibition. You can take a photo here by mixing different patterns with your own creation. The inspiration of these background patters all came from the works of the two artists. Wenxi, the illustrator, extracted art elements from their works and presented the matching photographic backgrounds at the studio.


Cheli, (Lai Yanyan), photographer

A few years ago, Cheli started to capture the warm and romantic moments of couples by snapping the shutter of her camera. The more photos she takes of couples, the more she realizes that her lens cannot capture all the moments of intimacy, but it still can help her find the subtle relationships of all the couples.

Wenxi (Zhang Minxi), illustrator

Ever since Wenxi started to give out her little illustrations as her gifts to newlyweds, she could feel a genuine happiness. Although Cheli’s photographs can show the real emotions of the couples, Wenxi’s paintbrush can illustrate the love adventures from her own perspective.

Date: August 28 – September 18
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. (closed on Mondays)
Address: No. 225 Beijing Road, Yuexiu District (北京路225号)

(By Frankie Zhang, Penny Liu, Louis Berney)

Editor:Penny Liu
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