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Jiang Zhaohe Traditional Art Exhibition
Jiang Zhaohe is one of the most famous painters in China and well-known for his traditional figure painting. The exhibition features the copy of his masterpiece "The refugees", which depicts people's sufferance during the times of civil upheaval.

From Jan.10 to March 23, 53 pieces of excellent works by the Chinese artist Jiang Zhaohe, which are kept in Jiang Zhaohe Art Gallery in the southwest Sichuang Province, will be displayed in Guangzhou Museum of Art. The highlight of the exhibition is the masterpiece "The Refugees".

Inspired by Mr. Jiang's experience during the War of Japanese Invasion, the painting portrays over sixty ordinary people's suffering during the war. The original piece is about 32m high and 30m long in total and was created in 1941. However, 10m of the picture was ruined due to as it was not kept in the right conditions. The remaining 20m is now being kept in the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. The version being displayed in the exhibition in Guangzhou is the only replica printed by hand in the world.

Upon the creation of the picture, Mr.Jiang was afraid it may be hard for such a long painting to keep intact especially in times of civil upheaval. Therefore, he took pictures of the masterpiece. The replicated version was painted by his students based on the photos to pay tribute to this virtuoso in the 90th anniversary of Mr.Jiang' birth in 1994.

Part of  the painting " The Refugees"

Born in Sichuang Province in 1904, Jiang Zhaohe is one of the most famous contemporary painters in China. He taught himself western painting when he worked in the fields of advertisements and fashion design in his 20s. After 1930, he became a teacher and professor in many different art schools in Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing. He also actively took part in many patriotic activities.

Jiang Zhaohe is also one of the most creative artists in China. He combines Chinese traditional painting skills with western painting structure, which amplifies the effect of traditional figure painting. He also brings the traditional aesthetic purpose of such paintings to a more lofty motivation of humane tenderness.

Newspaper Delivery Boy

Little Beggar

When: Jan.10 - March 23
Where:Guangzhou Museum of Art
Add.: No.13 Luhu Lu, Baiyun District, Guangzhou(广州市白云区麓湖路13号)
Metro: Xiao Bei Station, Line 5
(Free admission tickets can be gotten at the Ticket Office with ID card, student ID card,or passport.)

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert)

Editor:Pan Hui
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