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5 Places to Enjoy Sunset in Guangzhou
Where is the best place to enjoy sunset in the city? has selected the 5 most popular spots for you!

It's brilliant and relaxing to watch the sun going down and cover the buildings with peaceful golden color. The city looks very busy and cold in the daytime but seems very romantic and warm at dusk. Where is the best place to enjoy sunset in the city? has selected the 5 most popular spots for you!

1. Nanting port in the University Town
riverside, antiques

The old Nanting port (南亭古码头)  is situated between the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and the Guangdong University of Technology. It is quite near a peaceful village called Nanting Cun. Not far from the port stands an ancient ancestral temple and several old banyans. With the gentle breeze and waves on the river, what can beat the view of sunset against the backdrop of antique buildings? 

Add.: Nanting Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou (广州市番禺区南亭大道)
Guangmei Shenghuo Qu Station (广美生活区):381, 382, 310, 大学城1线, 大学城3线, 大学城4线
Metro: Exit C, Higher Education Mega Center South, Line 3

2. Taikoo Warehouse
history, leisure 

Located at Haizhu district, Taikoo Warehouse (太古仓) was built between the years of 1904 and 1908. It used to be a pier warehouse owned by the British company Swire. 

Taikoo Warehouse is an important relic that has witnessed the development of the contemporary foreign trade and the history of foreign investment into the port transportation and storage industries in Guangzhou. The architecture of such a warehouse is almost extinct in Guangzhou, even in South China. Now the pier where the Taikoo Warehouse is situated has been transformed into a cultural zone that combines history exhibition, sight seeing and recreation. 

It will be on top of the world to enjoy a glass of cocktail or a cup of coffee and the beautiful sunset while sitting in a pub or café with romantic ambience.

Add. :
No. 124, Gexin Lu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (广州市海珠区革新路124号)
Bus:  Jinsha Road Station (金沙路站) : B21, 31, 220, 243, 813 
Metro: Line 8 Fenghuang Xincun Station

3. Pazhou Bridge
full view, riverside
Pazhou Bridge, crossing over the Pearl River east of Guangzhou, is one of the most important bridges that connect the north and south of the city. Standing on the bridge, one can enjoy a wide range of view as the no construction will block the sight westward. 

Pazhou Bridge North Station (琶洲大桥北站) B7, B11  大学城1线, 大学城2线, 大学城4线

4. Canton Tower
highest landmark, city skyline

This magnificent high tower stands on the banks of the Pearl River, and has since its completion earned many world titles: the world's highest tower, the longest aerial ladder, the highest revolving restaurant, the highest viewing platform in the open air, and the highest cable car. Here you can enjoy the sunset against the skyline of the city.

There is a diverse selection of ways to appreciated sunset in tower. You may go to the top observation deck, take the highest bubble tram in the world, or dine in the exotic restaurants there.

No. 222, Yuejiang Xilu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (广州市海珠区阅江西路222号)
Metro: Exit A, Chigang Pagoda, Line 3 / AMP  

5. Baiyun Mountain
Mountain view

Located in northern Guangzhou, Baiyun Mountain (白云山) is the first official National 4A-Graded Scenic Place. Many scenic spots within were ranked among the "Top Eight Landscapes of Guangzhou". It consists of seven traveling zones of Fei E Ling (Flying Geese Ridge), Lu Hu (Lu Lake), San Tai Ling (Three Towers Ridge), Ming Chun Gu (Chirping-for-Spring Valley), Mo Xing Ling (Touching Sky Ridge), Ming Zhu Lou (Bright Pearl Tower), and He Yi Ling (Lotus-side Ridge) from the south to the north.

The most recommended spot to watch sunset is Moxing Ling (摩星岭),a must-visit place for every couple where you can not only enjoy sunset but also sunrise and also a starry sky. Here will be a perfect spot for you and your partner!

South Gate (南门):  Yuntai Park terminal station: 24, 63, 240, 245, 285, 522

West Gate (西门):Baiyun Mountain West Gate /Guangdong University of Foreign Study Station (白云山西门/外语学院站)
36, 38, 66, 76A, 76, 127, 223, 245, 265, 529, 805, 864, 891, 大学城1线, 旅游3线

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert, photos from

Editor:Pan Hui
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