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The Kapok: Guangzhou's City Flower
Kapok flowers are common ingredients for soup and congee. Poeple in Guangzhou will usually dry them in such a season.

It has come to the season of kapok, the city flower of Guangzhou.

In early spring, these flamboyant flowers grow on the tall slim kapok trees like a big red cloud. If you think those flowers are just for aesthetic pleasure then you are wrong. They are also common ingredients for soup and congee, good for health when living in such a humid and hot area like Guanghzou.

Locals will usually pick up the fallen kapok flowers and dry them. Don't be surprise if you find clusters of dry kapak flowers being "displayed" on street or on a roof. They are being dried out and will eventually be eaten.

Flowers on the kapok tree

People pick up the flowers, String them up and dry them.

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert)



Editor:Pan Hui
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