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Cloth Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou
The Cloth Market near Sun Yat-Sen University and Haiyin String and Cloth Market

The Cloth Market near Sun Yat-Sen University (中大布场)

Description: the biggest cloth market in Guangzhou; sells cloth, yarn, and garment accessories at all levels; the most-updated types with richest variety, biggest sales, and lowest prices in the city.

Address: Ruikang Lu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (广州市瑞康路)
Tel: 020-84194260, 84185324 Zip: 510260
Buses: No. 25, 45, 82, 88, 188, 197, 203, 206, 230, 264

Category: Leathe, cloth products

Haiyin String and Cloth Market (海印布料布艺总汇)

Description: all kinds of fabrics can be found here. Besides, there is also the whole array of garment accessories, bed products and curtains. Many booths in the market deal with both wholesales and retails. For individuals (especially those who feel hard to find fitting clothes in China), you can buy the cloth and then go to the booths in the same market to have it tailored.

Address: No. 429-431, Yanjiang Dong Lu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (广州市沿江东路429-431号)
Tel: 020-8379 6572 Zip: 510100
Buses:  No. 502, 519

Category: Leathe, cloth products  

(By Jiang Jianming and Alan Devey)

Editor:Jessie Huang
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