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Sunday,October 20,2019
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Where to Meet Fair Ladies in Guangzhou?

Updated Beijing Time


Guangzhou is an open metropolis, where many people from various origins converge and live, including more and more pretty girls and women.

You can find many kinds of Chinese beauties here, not including most local Cantonese females, who are well-known in China for their plain appearance but good temper, cooking, housekeeping and family sense.

Exciting places where you most probably come across eye-catching Chinese ladies are:

Some off-work ladies walk out of an office building in Tianhe CBD, Guangzhou.

Blocks of office towers and upscale hotels

Many elegant office ladies are found around and in the office buildings and five-star hotels in the celebrated Central Business Districts (CBD) of Huanshi Dong Road (around Garden Hotel and Friendship Department Store), Tianhe Bei Road (around CITIC Plaza) and the western wing of Zhujiang New Town.

In lunch hours and other off-work times, many graceful beauties swarm out and greet your feasting eyes.

Bars and Cafes

Guangzhou is a "City of Night Life" with some obsessing bar and café streets. They can be your paradise for romantic encounters with chic, fascinating, dynamic ladies, such as:

Huanshi Dong Road (with famous bars like Elephant & Castle, Hill Bar, Paddy Field, Gypsy King and Oasis around);
Nearby Jianshe Liu Road (with bars and cafes on the west) and Taojin Road;
Waterfront Yanjiang Zhong Road (around Haizhu Sqaure);
Riverside Fangcun Bar Street in the western downtown, opposite the White Swan Hotel; and
Cafes nestled and scattered in the Liuyun Community, which is opposite to TeeMall in the Tianhe Nan Er Road, a "habitat" for the stylish middle-class of the city.

A young lady at  C-Union Bar in Guangzhou.

Two young ladies at  C-Union Bar in Guangzhou.

One locally-renowned music bar is worth mentioning, C-Union in Shuiyin Road east of the zoo. What is special about it is many charming artistic ladies hang around there as quite a few cultural organizations are based in the road, like Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Guangdong Provincial Song and Dance Troupe, Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture, Guangzhou and Guangdong drama troupes, Guangzhou Fine Art House, Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe, Guangzhou Dance School, Guangzhou Ballet Troupe, Guangzhou Modern Dance Company and Guangdong Traditional Music Ensemble.


Women like eating. Restaurants with a nice ambience and delicacies attract fair ladies, especially the places specializing in Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan or North China cuisine. These provinces and regions boast pretty females in China. Many of these migrant ladies live in Guangzhou and like dining out at the restaurants that cater their hometown flavors.


Your eyes can feast on the brilliant appearance of these dining women and even waitresses as well as the appetizing food at the restaurants like Mao Jia Wan (Hunan cuisine), Dongting Tu Caiguan (Hunan), Lao Xianglou (Hunan), Chongqing Xiao Dongtian (Chongqing), Lao Zongjiang (Sichuan), Ba Shi (Sichuan, near TeeMall), Dong Bei Ren (North-China), and Shan Dong Lao Jia (North China).


Smart, vigorous, lively, and witty are the university girls. You will come across such young ladies in their blossoming years, when loitering in the University Town in southern Guangzhou, where more than 10 universities are located. The best places for romantic encounters are dining halls, libraries and the dormitory blocks.


Two students of the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

A student of South China Normal University.

The female students of four universities are regarded as the most charming, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (Guang Wai), Sun Yat-sen University (Zhong Da), South China Normal University (Hua Shi) and Xinghai Conservatory of Music.


The girls from Guang Wai are relatively stylish and open, the ones from Hua Shi are traditional and pure, the future stars from Xinghai are artistic and fashionable, and the Zhong Da girls tend to be more elegant and scholastic.

Other than the University Town, the home campuses of these four universities are worth going to for possible romance.


Two students respectively of the Sun Yat-sen University (left) and the Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

Zhuang Yuan Fang Fancy Alley

There is a small alley called Zhuang Yuan Fang in Ren Min Nan Road in Liwan District, which is a famous retailing center of fancy goods, stationary and gifts. It's a shopping paradise for chic teenagers, university students and even some young office ladies.

Amongst the young crowds there, shining and lovely girls in dynamic and fancy vogue are all around you.

Enjoy it and good luck!

(By Ronald Li, Alan Devey)

Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com

Editor: Ronald Li

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