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Thursday,October 29,2020
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Large Size Clothing in Guangzhou

Updated Beijing Time

Slim, slim, slim… the trend of slenderness is global. But what about our overweight friends? Plump people have the right to look beautiful too. So, don't be shy chubby guys and girls! Let's look around some large size clothing shops in Guangzhou. And trust me; you will be beautiful or handsome too.

1. Fuli Shops: Especially for Women 富丽时装

I would rather describe it is an exhibition hall rather than a clothes shop. Located in Xihu Road and Jiefang Road respectively, Fuli shops are spacious and incorporate fitting rooms and storage space. The shops have been running for six or seven years and mainly sell large size women's clothing from Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. The prices here vary from under one hundred yuan to several hundred yuan.   

This XXL woolen sweater can wrap two 50kg women. [All photos by ycwb]

2. Fat Man's House: Casual Wear for Men 肥佬屋

Located in Zhongshan Er Road and Xiaobei Road, Fat Man's House is the only shop in Guangzhou that specializes in large size clothing for men.

The shopkeeper Mr. Wu said, “There is a large amount of fixed customers in Guangzhou and other provinces and districts. When off-season clothes are on sale, some faithful consumers will phone us to mail the clothes to them when they are not going to come in and choose.”

Red coat

Yellow coat with soft interior


3. Tailun: Plump Girls' Fashion 泰伦

Located in Grand City Plaza, Tailun Shop's clothing looks really fashionable. The brands here are mainly from Europe and America. They are trendy and of good material.  

A belt of 1.6 meters can form two circles around a girl's waist.

4. O'ma: Large Size Export Trade Women Clothes 欧马

Situated on the third floor of China Plaza, O'ma Shop maintains good business.

You can choose ideal items from the hundreds of clothes available in this less than five square meters shop. The clothing here is suitable for women from 35 to 50. The good news for you all is that the prices here are reasonable. Coats are mostly under 200 yuan. The most expensive coat with a soft interior is less than 300 yuan.

Large size sneakers

Some Large Clothing Brands

Tianlan Fashion 天兰时装
Prices:jackets 200—500 yuan,trousers 230—380 yuan. 
Target Consumer:women between 28—45 years old.
HK Ying'er 香港影儿
Price:jackets about 320 yuan,trousers about 230 yuan.
Target Consumers:women between 28—45 years old. 
Valentino & Judan 华伦天奴•乔登
Price:woolen sweaters about 120 yuan,trousers about 180 yuan.
Target Consumers:men between 28—50 years old.  
(Translated by Shanna Chu and proofread by Alan Devey)

Source: www.lifeofguangzhou.com

Editor: Shanna Chu

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