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Friday,June 18,2021
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Guangzhou Old Cinemas Go with the Tide

Updated Beijing Time

Children's Cinema

China has a long history of film making and as surprising as it may seem, between the founding of the PRC in 1949 and the beginning of the reform and opening up, the country boasted more cinemas per inhabitant than any other country in the world. In the countryside, these were mostly mobile theaters which would travel from village to village showing the latest film from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. But in the big cities, movie theaters could be found everywhere. Guangzhou's old cinemas were all well known to the locals, but in just in less than two decades, most of these venues have disappeared, replaced by roads, high rise apartment buildings and shopping malls.


Guangzhou Cinema

In the 1970s, cinemas in Guangzhou were divided into two grades. Most cinemas were second grade which meant comfort was basic and the quality sometimes debatable. In the whole of Guangzhou, only four cinemas were first grade and their tickets were sold 5 cents more than ordinary tickets. Seats on the balcony in Jinsheng cinema were the most expensive in Guangzhou, reaching an incredible ... 0.3 Yuan. The 1990s saw the end of these small public cinemas and the beginning of today's huge private cinemas. As a result, prices increased dramatically to reach between 50 to 100 Yuan a seat.


Jin Sheng Cinema

Guangzhou's Old Cinemas:

- From west to east on Zhongshan Road there were Zhonghua Cinema, Er'tong (Children) Cinema, Xinxing Cinema, Xinhua Cinema, Hongqi Cinema, Dongshan Cinema, Tiegong Cinema and Houqin Cinema.

- South of Zhongshan Road was found the very famous Jinsheng Cinema, Ping'an Cinema, Changshou Cinema, Meihua Cinema, Guotai Cinema, Jiefang Cinema, Yonghan Cinema, Yan'an Cinema and Yigong Cinema.

- Further south on Yanjiang Road and Changdi Road were located Guangzhou Cinema, Xihao Cinema, Yangcheng Cinema, Haizhu Cinema and Nanguan Cinema.


Liwan District

Changshou Cinema
1930~ 2003  Changshouxi Road 长寿西路长寿大街

Jin Sheng Cinema

1934 ~ 2007 Enning Road 恩宁路宝华路口
Zhonghua Cinema
1929~2001 Zhongshanqi Road 中山七路

Yuexiu District

Yangcheng Cinema
1921~2004 Changdi Road, No. 248 长堤大马路248
Xinhua Cinema
1933~1995 Zhongshanwu Road 中山五路
Xinxing Cinema
1926~1995 In front of  the People's Park 人民公园前
Xihao Cinema
1931~2005 Renminnan Road 人民南路西濠二马路
Guangzhou Cinema

at the junction of Yanjiangxi Road and Renminnan Road 沿江西路和人民南路交界处

Jiefang Cinema
1931~1995 Jiefangnan Jiefangnan Road 解放南路
Nanguan Cinema
1924~2000 Beijingnan Road 北京南路
Ertong Cinema (Children's Cinema)
1949~2007 Haizhuzhong Road, No. 249 海珠中路249
Meihua Cinema
1948~2005 Changshouxi Road 长寿西路

Dongshan District

Dongshan Cinema
1930~1987 Zhongshaner Road 中山二路菜园北街
Haizhu District    
Henan Cinema
1960~2001 Hongde Road 海珠区洪德路


Nanguan Cinema


Xihao Cinema

(By Kobe Gao, David Keyton)

Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com

Editor: Chen Minjie

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