Thrilling tourist attractions in GZ

BY :Annie Lee

UPDATED :May 22, 2019

For some, sitting poolside with a cocktail is an ideal weekend in the city. But for those who need a stomach-churning experience and adventure, Silk Road Post can get you covered.

1. Dayan Lake Glass Bridge 大雁湖玻璃桥

Located on a farm in Huadu district, the glass bridge is 268 meters long and about two meters wide. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the walkway and then slide down the bridge through a glass slide. But those who are lucky enough can see the glass "crack" under their feet!

Address: Zhihui Farm, No. 748 country road, Lantian village, Chini town, Huadu district (花都区赤坭镇蓝田村748乡道志惠农场)

Phone: 020-86711151, 020-86711152

Ticket: 110 yuan

2. Baiyun Mountain Zip Line 白云飞索

As the longest zip line in China, the Baiyun Zip Line connects Mount Davis of Baiyun Mountain with Huangpodong Reservoir. It takes only two minutes to cross the distance at the maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The 100-story-high attraction requires no electricity to run, relying on the body weight of riders for momentum.

Address: Baiyun Mountain, Baiyun district (白云区白云山风景区)

Ticket: 138 yuan

3. Baiyun Mountain bungee jump 白云山蹦极

With the height of 42 meters, Baiyun Mountain bungee jump is the only cliff bungee jump platform in Guangdong province. The platform offers a spectacular view of Guangzhou skyline before the big drop into a forest of tall trees.

Address: Baiyun Mountain, Baiyun district (白云区白云山风景区)

Ticket: 300 yuan

4. Dive Coaster 长隆垂直过山车

Chimelong Paradise is a large-scale amusement park that boasts 70 top international fun park rides. The Dive Coaster, the big daddy of the park, features a 90°, 80 meters vertical drop along with splashing water. Riders in a 30-person car plunge toward the earth at 120 kilometers per hour and zoom through turns that would make a jet fighter giddy.

Address: Chimelong Paradise, Yingbin Lu, Panyu district (番禺区迎宾路长隆欢乐世界)

Ticket: 250 yuan

5. Super Pendulum Hammer 长隆超级大锤摆

The Super Pendulum Hammer in Chimelong Paradise can get your adrenaline running. With a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour, and a maximum swing of 240°, riders will be flung through the air in a head-spinning frenzy.

Address: Chimelong Paradise, Yingbin Lu, Panyu district (番禺区迎宾路长隆欢乐世界)

Ticket: 250 yuan

6. Bubble Tram 广州塔摩天轮

Located on the 600 meters Canton Tower, the Bubble Tram is the world's highest ferris wheel. There are 16 sightseeing bubbles that revolve around the edge of the tower at a low speed, giving riders a 360-degree crystal clear view of the city.

Address: No. 222 Yuejiang Xilu, Haizhu district (海珠区阅江西路222号)

Ticket: 180 yuan

7. Sky Drop 广州塔极速云霄

The Sky Drop at Canton Tower, the landmark of Guangzhou, is for true daredevils. It starts at 485 meters in the air, allowing riders to free fall 31 meters back to the deck at 454 meters, in a position of either sitting or standing.

Address: No. 222 Yuejiang Xilu, Haizhu district (海珠区阅江西路222号)

Ticket: 180 yuan