Vlog: GZ's traditional culture impresses foreign guests

BY :Dong Han

UPDATED :May 13, 2019


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The 2019 World Ports Conference, taking place from Wednesday to Thursday, is giving Guangzhou a chance to show off its longtime efforts in developing its port industry, promoting international maritime trade, and preserving the city's cultural heritage.

More than 60 early arrivals to the conference toured the city and learned about Cantonese opera and ancient Lingnan buildings in old districts.

Though it was drizzling, it still couldn't hold back foreign guests' enthusiasm for Cantonese culture. The city's renovated historic streets and traditional dim sum wowed the visitors. Some of them said that in Guangzhou, a creative modern atmosphere and an exciting traditional ambience coexist.

Are you curious about this city tour? Have you ever watched a live Cantonese opera performance? Do you know which dim sum foreigners like best? Check the vlog and come to visit Guangzhou with us!

Interview: Dong Han, Gao Yang, Shan Hai
Video: Yuan Shijie