High-speed rail to cut GZ-Meizhou travel time to 3.5h

BY : Kinny Chen

UPDATED :March 22, 2019


The Meishan High-speed Railway (Meizhou to Chaoshan), the first high-speed rail running through Meizhou City, is scheduled to be open to traffic this October.

With a distance of 122.412 kilometers and a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, the new rail route will stop at seven stations: Meizhou West, Shejiang North, Jianqiao, Fengshun East, Jieyang North, Chaoshan Airport and Chaoshan. It also will connect with other high speed rail lines and provide direct travel between Meizhou and Guangzhou.


It now takes about five to six hours to travel between Guangzhou and Meizhou, whether you choose to drive or take an ordinary train. Once the new line is in service, the Guangzhou-Meizhou travel time will be cut to three and a half hours.

Recommended tourist destinations in Meizhou

1 Yannanfei Tea Field Scenic Spot (雁南飞茶田景区)

Yannanfei Tea Field Scenic Spot is the first national 5A grade scenic spot in Guangdong's eastern region. The venue features tea fields rising one higher than another, where visitors can have a taste of tea culture while enjoying the picturesque natural landscape.

2 Hua'er Lou (花萼楼)


Meizhou is home to Hakka people, and Hua'er Lou is one of the most representative Hakka-style buildings. With up to 210 rooms embedded on only three layers, this exquisite circular building displays the concepts of solidarity, equality and satisfaction in Hakka culture.

3 Songkou Ancient Town (松口古镇)


Songkou Ancient Town is one of the places of origin of Hakka people and preserves abundant resources of Hakka culture. Fire ships, piers and stone steps at the Songkou Harbor vividly showcase the vicissitudes of the town.

Recommended Meizhou delicacies

1 Hakka tofu (客家豆腐)


Hakka tofu is a must-try delicacy in Meizhou. With just green onions and pork stuffed in tofu, this seemingly simple dish may surprise you after taking a bite.

2 Streaky pork with preserved vegetables (梅菜扣肉)


This dish is a traditional Hakka cruisine. The streaky pork is fat but not greasy and is even more delectable accompanied by flavorful preserved vegetables.

3 Salt roasted chicken (盐焗鸡)


Salt roasted chicken is a landmark of Cantonese cuisine, but it is rarely known that the dish actually originated in Meizhou. The crisp skin, tender meat and mouth-watering flavor of the chicken are just irresistible.