Parks within 10 mins' walk available to all citizens

BY :Kinny Chen SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :December 10, 2018


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Feel like living in a community where you can take a walk to a park in just ten minutes? Guangzhou is now taking steps to allow every resident in the city to do so.

Guangzhou's Plan of Building and Protecting Parks from 2017 to 2035 recently started to solicit public opinions. The plan reveals that 829 new parks will be added, 800 of which will be community or street parks. These parks will further improve the spacial landscape in the city and enhance citizens' quality of life, assuring everyone can get to a park within ten minutes' walk.

In addition to the construction of new parks, old parks in Guangzhou will be renovated as well. At least three old parks will be renewed in each district of the city by 2020, according to the plan.

Old or new, you can always find one park that suits you. Following are some of the city's iconic parks.

Yuexiu Park

As one of the Eight Sights of Guangzhou, Yuexiu Park is a place where you can enjoy views of the Statue of Five Rams, Zhenhai Tower and Sun Yat-sen Monument, while catching a glimpse of the leisure lifestyle of Guangzhou residents.

Every morning, a lot of elderly will take exercises or just relax at various squares in the park. Kicking shuttlecock, dancing and playing Tai Ji are the most popular activities.

Guangzhou Children's Park

If you still retain childlike innocence, you can visit Children's Park. More than 20 characteristic amusement areas, such as a marine animal sculpture plaza, a beach park, and a fire-fighting experience hall, await your exploration.

The south gate of the park is a highlight as well. Looking above, you can see a series of cartoon models that vividly showcase the landmark buildings of Guangzhou.

Tianhe Park

Built in the 1920s, Tianhe Park is one of the oldest parks in Guangzhou. Covering an area of 707,000 square meters, the park is equivalent to as many as 70 football fields!

Now that the walls of the park have been removed, you can appreciate the gorgeous flowers inside more easily. It has become the "backyard garden" of nearby residents.

Liuxihe National Forest Park

Situated in Guangzhou's Conghua District, Liuxihe National Forest Park is included on the list of the top ten national forest parks.

It is a good place for citizens to escape from city hustle and bustle. Besides the pristine natural scenery you can enjoy, abundant outreach activities, such as forest archery and paintball games, may add more fun to your visit.