Passenger pick-ups of Baiyun Airport not available?

BY : Kinny Chen SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :November 30, 2018


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The Xin-Bai-Guang High-speed Railway, a route that will enable passengers to travel between Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou North Railway Station in only seven minutes, is now under construction and scheduled to be completed in September of 2021. Due to construction work on the project, the vehicular passageways for passenger pick-ups of Area A and B at T1 Terminal will be closed from November 30.

With a distance of 77.573 kilometers and a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, the railway will serve 15 stations: Xintang, Zengcheng Development Area, Lihu Town, Zhenlong, Pinggang, Folang Village, Matou Zhuang, Health Industry Town, Zhuliao, T3 Terminal, T1 Terminal, T2 Terminal, Huashan, Tiangui Lu and Guangzhou North Railway Station.

Upon completion, it will take about 20 minutes from Xintang Railway Station, and only seven minutes from Guangzhou North Railway Station, to Baiyun International Airport.

In addition, the rail route will also connect other intercity railways like the Guangzhou-Qingyuan Intercity Railway, the Dongguan-Huizhou Intercity Railway and the Guangzhou-Dongguan-Shenzhen Intercity Railway. Passengers from the surrounding areas will have more convenient access to Baiyun International Airport. By then, the airport will genuinely become a seamless rail-to-air transportation hub.

Starting from November 30, when the vehicular access to Area A and B at T1 Terminal is temporarily closed, private cars will only be allowed to pick up passengers at airport parking lots. The passenger pick-up site of buses is being shifted to Gate A10-12, and the taxi pick-up site will be moved to Gate A10.

Baiyun Airport will add more free shuttle buses in response to the inconvenience the construction causes. Passengers can either choose to go to the parking lots on foot or take shuttle buses available 24/7.

The airport suggests passengers inquire about the information of their flights in advance and choose the nearest parking lot. They can do so by following the WeChat account "白云机场" (Baiyun Airport) and click "机场通" and "查航班."