New national transport cards go on sale tomorrow

BY :Kinny Chen SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :November 8, 2018


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Yang Cheng Tong, a transport card provided for Guangzhou locals to take buses, metros and taxis, has now been updated to its national version, which can be used in 21 cities in Guangdong Province and in more than 200 cities nationwide. The limited edition of the newly-launched cards will be sold beginning tomorrow (November 8), while the regular ones will be on sale from November 22.

How to use the card?

Card holders should look for metro turnstiles with the logo, "China T-union," which support the use of the national transport cards. They can also be used on buses with the same logo. And just as simple as the ordinary Yang Cheng Tong, the fees will be paid immediately after you swipe the card.

Does the card offer the same advantages as Yang Cheng Tong?

The national version card offers users in Guangzhou the same preferential benefits as Yang Cheng Tong card. After using the card 15 times each month, for example, passengers can enjoy a 40% discount for all rides taken during the remainder of the month. But the time will be recalculated starting the first day of the following month. Preferential policies outside Guangdong are determined by local authorities in the pertinent areas.

Where to buy the card?

5,000 limited edition cards will be sold at Yang Cheng Tong's online flagship store on JD.com. The design of the limited edition blends the elements of Guangzhou's Five-ram Sculpture and the Canton Tower. The general version, on the other hand, will be sold at various Yang Cheng Tong customer service centers and the Yang Cheng Tong Cultural Products Store on Taobao.

The price of the national version card has yet to be announced. But unlike ordinary Yang Cheng Tong cards, the price will not include a refundable payment. And it can not be redeemed if lost.