World's first VR zoo opens to public in Guangzhou

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UPDATED :December 29, 2017


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A boy tries out VR equipment at Guangzhou's special VR zoo. (Photo/Chinanews.com)

Visitors will be able to see prehistoric animals and signature animals of any zoo in the world by using the virtual reality (VR) equipment of a special VR zoo recently completed in Guangzhou.

The VR zoo will be open to the public from Jan 1, 2018.

The special zoo was created by Time Network, a Guangzhou-based hi-tech firm that boasts scientists from the United States and England, as well as China's earliest augmented reality (AR) developers. It was mentioned in an article titled "Guangzhou: a blessed city for entrepreneurs" published in Fortune magazine in November.

At the zoo, most of the immersive technologies, including VR, AR, 3D projection, and holographic laser projection, are applied to create memorable experiences for visitors. Visitors can also use their smart phones to scan QR codes to view and better understand the animals.

According to Chen Zujin, head of the Science Popularization Department of Guangzhou Zoo, the finished VR zoo is only the first phase of a bigger project which aims to combine VR technology with animal scientific research and protection. He also mentioned that an online VR zoo will be set up in the future and be open to animal lovers from across the world.