Practicing the "Belt and Road" Initiative, IBC won international recognition

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UPDATED :November 7, 2017


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On October 21-25, 2017, the annual meeting of ICA (International Colored Gemstone Association) was held in Jaipur, India. Industry associations from more than 40 countries, as well as nearly three hundred well-known member enterprises, participated in this conference. Lu Lihang, chairman of Shenzhen Shuibei Jewelry Group, President Liang Rui and Vice President Gao Feng representing Shenzhen Luohu enterprises, attended the annual meeting.
Opening reception of the ICA annual meeting

IBC project attracted much attention
20 international enterprises have signed the project contract

On the opening day, Lu Lihang, chairman of IBC Global Business Center, gave a grand introduction of IBC and its "Belt and Road International Pan-Jewelry Industry Center" strategy, which attracted the attention of all ICA members. Pan-Jewelry industry refers to the industry chain that related to jewelry. National associations and famous enterprises are all keen to find out about the investment environment of Luohu, Shenzhen and the feasibility of entering IBC in Shenzhen, China. Aditya Choksi, a representative of GITANJAL from India, said, "This is a good platform to set up branch offices in China, to expand our cooperation with Chinese jewelry business industry and to develop Chinese market. I cannot wait to get into IBC." The event was very lively and IBC seemed to become the focus of the annual conference.
Photo of Lu Lihang, chairman of Shenzhen Shuibei Jewelry Group (on the right), with ICA representatives (on the left)

On the afternoon of October 23, at the request of the participants who can't wait to sign with IBC, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between member countries and IBC was added as part of the event in Shenzhen, China. In front of the former president of ICA Mr. Yuan Jianrong, the current president Benjamin Hackman, the incoming President Mr. Clemente Sabag and Jaipur government of India, twenty companies from ten countries, including Brazil, Columbia and Israel, have signed cooperation agreements with IBC to promote “the Belt and Road” pan jewelry fashion industry center. During the signing ceremony, Lu Lihang, the chairman of IBC, introduced Luohu as a district that half of which is mountains and rivers while the other half is urban regions. He also mentioned the charms and courage of the district party committee and district government in developing economics and supporting enterprises.
Connecting jewelry worldwide with Chinese market

During the meeting, apart from focusing on IBC's "Belt and Road" Pan-jewelry Fashion Industry Center, attendees were particularly interested in the concept of "bonded warehouses" proposed by IBC. A bonded warehouse, is a building or secured area in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty. Bonded warehouse, one of IBC's major initiatives and the first bonded warehouse for the jewelry industry in China, has become the first stop of the bonded trade exhibition for the jewelry trade. It is the first authoritative professional evaluation system in the industry for bond-free bonded trading exhibition and supply chain pricing. It has the features of safety, efficiency and seamless integration into the trillion-yuan jewelry market. The bonded warehouse can provide a series of high value-added services, such as customs clearance, escort, insurance, bonded display, etc., to allow global goods to enter China in an easy, efficient and safe way. It not only facilitates the circulation of goods and transactions, but also reduces the cost of customs declaration and other business links. It improves the efficiency of trade and is welcomed by everyone.
Chairman Lu Lihang talking about the bonded warehouse with an ICA representative

The IBC project has won the recognition and affirmation of ICA Association and other international friends in this event. These global high-quality pan-jewelery companies will use IBC’s strong influence and integration capabilities, the whole-industry-chain operation abilities and the global cultural communication capabilities to exploit the Chinese Market. They take IBC as the starting point for development, taking root in Chinese market, opening an efficient and convenient window for world jewelry resources to connect with Chinese market and bring in the global high-quality resources. At the same time, through its collision and integration with the global outstanding enterprises, China's jewelry industry will broaden its international horizons, discover industry opportunities worldwide and form a brand-new international development mode of the industry.

Through the combination of "bringing in" and "going out", it is bound to form the international pan-jewelry industry community with IBC as the core, jointly promote the rapid development of the pan-jewelry industry and lead the future direction of the jewelry industry. We promote the innovation, transformation and upgrading of the pan-jewelry industry by building together, creating together and winning together.

IBC is positioned as a pan-jewelry fashion and economic headquarters, which will become the international pan-jewelry industry center and the core and the link of this industry because of its headquarters gathering effect. The headquarters of well-known companies in this industry will gather in this center, creating new development opportunity for this jewelry industry. Currently, IBC has joined hands with over 30 countries and regions and signed "The Belt and Road" cooperation agreement. With the "Belt and Road" Initiative gradually put into practice, IBC will become an international trading center for jewelry raw materials and a platform for investment of global mineral resources, as well as a financial service center and industry chain service operation center for the international jewelry industry. In the meantime, it will create an international fashion center, build a new model of urban lifestyle and a global fashion consumer center. Building Shenzhen IBC pan jewelry fashion economic headquarters has strategic value of industrial development.

IBC Profile

IBC (International Business Center), developed and constructed by Shenzhen Shuibei Jewelry Co. Ltd., the forerunner and leader who committed to promoting the transformation and development of China's pan-jewelry industry and the platform operation of the industrial chain. IBC is located in the core position of the new industry Valley. It is composed of the Super Grade A office building of twin towers, the 50 thousand -square meter IBC New Space Retail Commercial Center, over 10,000㎡commercial communication platform, about 2,400㎡ global fashion and creative industry publishing platform - Format Arts Center, and 5 central villas. It is composed of five unique spaces.

IBC is positioned as Pan-jewelry Fashion Economic Headquarters. IBC will build itself into a leading service platform for China's pan-jewelry industry. IBC will take the Belt and Road as its guiding ideology and international resources to create a platform of "financial development, jewelry sharing, culture crossing, technological innovation and great health”. These five international and fashion business platforms adopt a sharing pattern to reach a win-win situation in headquarter economy.