Civilized behavior showcases Guangzhou's spirit

BY :lifeofguangzhou.com

UPDATED :August 5, 2017


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In Guangzhou, more than 95 percent of the seats in the public transport system are voluntarily offered to people in need. Registered volunteers account for 15 percent of the permanent population. More and more good people, or people with virtues, are seen emerging in this southern Chinese city. Being a foundation of the city's spirit, civilized behavior presents the inner charms of Guangzhou and becomes a striking calling card of the city, where strenuous efforts have been made over the years to establish a civilized Guangzhou. 
A civilized Guangzhou is presented by the etiquette of its citizens. As Confucius says, etiquette leads to morality and makes a good man. As early as in 2005, Guangzhou released an "Etiquette Handbook for Guangzhou People," which is the first book in China on the general demeanors of the residents in a city. So far more than 600,000 copies of the handbook have been sold, and Guangzhou people have earned respect for their good manners, friendliness and civilized doings. In Guangzhou, you see cars stop for pedestrians at zebra crossings, and people line up while getting on or off buses and metro. No flowers are plucked or treaded on in public areas, and no wastes are found after grand concerts.

Stopped cars for pedestrians at zebra crossings
A civilized Guangzhou impresses people with warmth and love. Renowned for voluntary services, Guangzhou is home to 1.37 million registered volunteers, which account for 15 percent of its permanent residents. These volunteers offer services to people in need and contribute in diversified fields, for example education, culture, health care, legal assistance and environmental protection. Good people are constantly recognized in the city, with 11 Guangzhou residents named as "Good People in China" and 27 chosen as "Good People in Guangdong" since 2016. In June 2012, Guangzhou Daily set up a new column, "Good People in Guangzhou – Finding Heroes Around You." In four years, more than 700 people were reported as good people for their good deeds, which proves that Guangzhou is a city of love.
A civilized Guangzhou is a clean and safe place for its citizens, a representation of the management ability of the local government. Walking in this beautiful city, residents feel proud of the clean environment and comfortable living conditions, hence forming a deeper sense of belonging. Guangzhou is becoming better every day with positive changes, which help in improve the quality of the city.
A civilized Guangzhou is represented by intimate and friendly communities and families. A family is a small nation by itself and numerous families compose a country. An outstanding quality of Chinese people is the emphasis on family tradition, which is an important part of Chinese civilization. Guangzhou has launched a campaign to establish civilized families and building up the "Flower City Family" brand. To date, two Guangzhou families were selected for the "First Civilized Families of China," and four were listed in "China's Most Beautiful Families." Spiritual civilization and core values of Chinese socialism have found roots in communities and families and become a part of Guangzhou's city spirit.  
Civilization embodies the city's spirit and drives consensus and inspiration among the people. The hosting of the 2017 Fortune Global Forum will showcase Guangzhou's glamour to the world. It is hoped that more and more people can behave with virtues and put etiquette into practice, so that we can make Guangzhou a more civilized city which can set a good example for other cities. The charm of Guangzhou should be manifested by the people in Guangzhou who have good manners, integrity, friendliness and hospitality.
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