Zheng He Monument unveiled in Oman

BY :Joyce, Pauline

UPDATED :June 6, 2023


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On May 30 (local time), a ceremony was held by the Chinese Embassy in Oman for the completion of Zheng He Monument built in Oman's second largest city — Salalah, Dhofar Governorate — to commemorate the great Chinese mariner who had been to Dhofar four times.

Designed by the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, the monument was constructed by China Communications Construction Company using cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

Measuring 4.5 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and 2 meters high, the landmark monument is shaped like a sailing vessel, which symbolizes the enduring and friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two countries that will continue in the future.Photos taken on May 30, 2023 shows the Zheng He Monument in Salalah, Oman. (Xinhua/Wang Qiang)
​Oman and China are both important countries with profound civilization along the ancient Maritime Silk Road. The history of bilateral exchanges can be traced back to more than 1,200 years ago.
In 750 A.D., Abu Obeida, a renowned Omani navigator, departed from Sohar, a harbor city of Oman, and successfully arrived in Canton by a wooden vessel. He became the first Arab recorded in Chinese history, which is considered as the beginning of communication between Oman and China.

In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the famous Chinese navigator Zheng He led huge fleets westwards seven times and visited Oman's Dhofar four times, one of the key trading hubs along the Indian Ocean.

On May 25, 1978, China and Oman established diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level, marking the beginning of contemporary China-Oman relations.
In November 1980, Sultan Qaboos ordered people to build a replica of the wooden vessel used by Abu Obeida. Sailed by Omani seamen, the huge vessel named Sohar followed the route of Abu Obeida, from Oman's capital Muscat to Guangzhou, spending about 231 days. The move was warmly welcomed by the people in Guangzhou, helping foster friendship between the two peoples.

After returning to Oman, Sohar was permanently presented on the roundabout between the AI Bustan Palace and the Parliament building to commemorate China-Oman friendship.
This rare voyage marks the renewal of historical friendship between China and Oman, and their relations have entered a new stage of development.(Photo/Piao Xinyu from people.cn)

In December 1995, Oman funded and constructed a monument commemorating the voyage of Sohar at Zhoutouzui Park, Guangzhou's Haizhu district.

A few years ago, the governments of China and Oman reached an agreement to build the Zheng He Monument in Salalah, to enhance China-Oman friendly relations and further promote mutual understanding and cooperation in various fields.(Xinhua/Wang Qiang)

This year, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the completion of the Zheng He Monument bears particular significance. It is the result of the collaboration and friendly exchanges between China and Oman, and their joint efforts in developing a shared future and bringing more benefits to the two peoples.
Sources: 中国驻阿曼大使馆,Guangzhou Daily
Editors: Joyce, Pauline