Silk Road-themed fair receives high praise

BY :China Daily

UPDATED :June 5, 2023


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A foreign visitor inquires about wine products at an exhibition booth at the Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo in 2021. (China Daily)

The Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo, or MSRE, has earned a well-deserved reputation as a crucial platform for facilitating international trade cooperation among countries and regions and helping businesses expand their overseas markets.
This year's edition was being held in Guangzhou of Guangdong province from June 2 to 4, with an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters.
More than 1,000 exhibitors from around the world were participating, including those from other Asian countries and regions, Africa, Europe and Oceania.
"MSRE is one of the most important platforms for Malaysia to further enhance our export promotion, not only to China but to the whole world," said Haris Latiff, trade consul at the Consulate General of Malaysia in Guangzhou. "It is one of the iconic annual events in which Malaysian companies participate."
This year, there were 18 Malaysian businesses participating in the expo, showcasing products that range from food and beverages to rubber and oil.
"The expo provides Malaysian exhibitors with a platform to promote their products to a wider range of trade visitors. It doubles the opportunities to reach out to buyers and assists in creating a wider customer database," Latiff said. "I am confident that Malaysian companies will perform well at the MSRE."
With a focus on promoting peace, cooperation and opening-up, as well as fostering inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit, the expo continues to be a key platform for facilitating trade cooperation among countries and regions in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) since its debut in 2014.
"This event has evolved over the years in tandem with the milestones of bilateral trade relations between Malaysia and China," Latiff said, adding that with its strong commitment to a shared future in the BRI, a new era of extensive cooperation between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China is emerging.
"Malaysia fully supports this, and we believe that we will build a common homeland that values peace, prosperity and friendship, and write a new chapter of a higher-level regional cooperation through open regionalism," said Latiff.
Hungary, another participating country, had set up a 36-square-meter area in the expo's country pavilion and 9 square meters at the company exhibition area.
"As the first-time participant in the expo, we are eager to share the best of Hungary with the world," said Renato Horvath, commercial consul at the Consulate General of Hungary in Guangzhou.
At the expo, Hungary was bringing a selection of its renowned wines that embody ancient wine-making traditions and innovative practices.
"Through the expo, we hope to reach wine connoisseurs, industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, helping them explore the diverse range of our wines," Horvath said.
The Shunde Furniture Association from Foshan, which was participating in the expo for the first time, has gathered 11 representative businesses from its membership.
"Shunde's furniture occupies a relatively large market share in Europe and the United States as its products are positioned as high-level goods," said Niu Xirui, secretary-general of the association. "However, these markets have experienced sluggishness due to the pandemic, which prompts businesses to seek new opportunities for growth. This exhibition focusing on the BRI has brought us more platforms and channels to expand our high-end purchases."
During the expo, the 11 businesses were showcasing products ranging from sofas, bar stools and office chairs to conference tables.
Niu said the exhibits fully represent the comprehensive furniture industry cluster in Shunde's furniture base, boasting abundant product categories and a favorable industrial foundation.
"We hope to demonstrate the brand image and strength of our Shunde furniture industry cluster and promote our regional brand by participating in this national platform," Niu added.
Onion Global, a platform for brand management, was another first-time exhibitor at the expo, bringing its signature lines of Tenkou Ryuugi, which features Japanese hot-selling products such as household items and cosmetics, and Qianshi Zhennong, which focuses on agricultural products.
"The expo brings together high-quality international commodities, which align with Onion's concept of global sourcing and sales through a one-stop-shop approach," said Pan Jianyue, chief marketing officer of Onion Global.
"Through this event, we can better understand consumer trends and market demand, strive for excellence, and create better lifestyles for people. We also hope to have more communication and exchange with BRI countries and regions to promote cultural learning and mutual understanding," Pan said.
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