​Haizhu holds art exhibition covering past 400 years

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UPDATED :September 21, 2022


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An exhibition showcasing famous Chinese calligraphy and painting from the past 400 years opened in Haizhu on September 17 and will run until November.
People visit the exhibition.

Collector Lu Qiulian said that Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting are the most traditional aesthetic arts from ancient China.
Lu added, "The exhibits in this exhibition feature artists from the past nearly 400 years. The earliest is Dong Qichang, a famous master in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and the latest is Zhang Daqian, a famous 20th-century master. This allows the audience to appreciate famous artists' works of all dynasties and indulge in the art of painting and calligraphy from different perspectives."
A calligraphy piece by Dong Qichang

The exhibition's wide range of artists from different eras allows attendees to see their extremely high achievements in the field of art, and to explore the different schools of art they represent, which have had a profound impact on the development of Chinese painting and calligraphy.
Wen Shuguang, a famous connoisseur of calligraphy and painting, noted, "Brush, ink, paper, and inkstone inherit traditional Chinese culture, while calligraphy, painting, and writing have witnessed China's development. Our new generation of young people needs to continue to learn the masterpieces of famous masters of the past, so that Chinese culture can be passed on from generation to generation."
In addition to seeing the works of famous artists together, attendees listened to Lu and Wen's explanations of the pieces, deepening their appreciation of the charm of Chinese culture and art.

Source: http://en.haizhu.gov.cn/2022-09/20/c_813465.htm
Photos/Yangcheng Evening News
Editor: Liu Liu