Guangzhou to build world-class dynamic waterfront areas

BY :Pauline

UPDATED :May 23, 2022


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Recently, Guangzhou revealed a draft plan on boosting the high-quality development of the shore areas along the Pearl River, aiming to create diverse riverside landscapes that showcase the city's charm to the world. 

According to the plan, the city will develop more public green spaces along the Pearl River by adding 21 waterfront parks in its downtown areas and vitalizing existing parks in Nansha and Zengcheng districts. More cultural, sports and leisure facilities and parking lots will be constructed in the shore areas. 

The city will also tap into the abundant heritage sites along the Pearl River to devise and promote tourist routes themed on culture, industry and ecology.

In addition, the city will increase the number of ferries and water buses and build more marinas to advance the development of water transportation.

A number of innovative and modern service industrial clusters will be established at Zhujiang New Town in Tianhe district, Bai'etan(白鹅潭)in Liwan district, Haizhu Innovation Bay(海珠创新湾)in Haizhu district and Yuzhu Port(鱼珠港)in Huangpu district — all situated on the banks of the Pearl River.
The Pearl River reaches involved in the plan stretch 100 kilometers, flowing through Yuexiu, Liwan, Haizhu, Tianhe, Baiyun, Huangpu, Panyu, Nansha and Zengcheng districts.

Source & Photos: Guangzhou Daily
Author: Pauline
Editor: Annie