Restrictions downgraded in GZ's Yuexiu & Liwan

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UPDATED :May 22, 2022


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COVID-19 restrictions had been downgraded in Guangzhou's Yuexiu and Liwan districts since May 20. 

(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

COVID control measures downgraded in Yuexiu's Kuangquan subdistrict

According to Notice No. 25 issued by Yuexiu COVID-19 Control and Prevention Command Center on May 19, starting from May 20, Wangshengtang Community (王圣堂社区) and Zhanxi Community (站西社区) had been adjusted from partial lockdown areas to restricted areas. The scope and measures of other areas under COVID-19 control remain unchanged.

Liwan lifts COVID-19 restrictions in Xicun Subdistrict

Starting from midnight of May 19, Liwan district had lifted lockdown and partial lockdown in Xicun subdistrict, transforming into regular epidemic prevention and control. The details are as follows:

1.Lockdown had been lifted in No. 141, Xiwan road, Juncheng Plaza of Xicun subdistrict (西村街道骏诚广场).

2.Partial lockdown had been lifted in residential buildings next to Juncheng Plaza, Xicun subdistrict (西村街道骏诚广场旁居民楼) :

No. 119-139 Xiwan road (odd number) (西湾路119-139号 (单号) ,
No. 1-10, Fuzhou Yiheng street (福州一横街1至10号),
No. 1-10, Fuzhou Erheng street (福州二横街1至10号),
and shops A1-A13, No. 141, Xiwan road (西湾路141号A1-A13商铺).

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