29.8% decrease in criminal cases in the past 5 years in GD

BY :newsgd.com

UPDATED :May 22, 2022


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According to a press conference held by Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, in the past five years, the number of criminal cases in Guangdong fell by 29.8 percent, eight types of serious violent crimes such as homicide, explosion and rape dropped by 30.4 percent, robbery, forcible seizure, and larceny declined by 61.7 percent, and drug-related cases decreased by 73.3 percent.

The evaluation data from a third party shows that the respondents' satisfaction with the public security departments in cracking down on crimes has increased year by year, and the public's sense of security has grown by 6.19 percent in the past five years.

Since the public mailbox has been set up, Guangdong police have solved more than 25,500 issues reported by the public, and received 3,135 letters of appreciation. In addition, the mailbox also pushed forward the issuance of 91 regulatory documents for law enforcement and solved 4,403 cases based on the information provided in the mails.

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