Hundreds of 5G infrared thermometers installed in Guangdong

BY :Dong Han, Louis Berney

UPDATED :February 7, 2020


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Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital (GPPH) on February 6 introduced a new device for coronavirus prevention, an infrared thermometer, at the entrance of its outpatient clinic. Similar devices are being installed at other buildings across the province.
Powered by 5G telecommunications technology, the thermometer can take the body temperature of multiple people in its field of vision simultaneously, with an accuracy of ±0.2℃. Residents who come to the hospital should walk through the inspection gate at a normal pace, so that their temperature can be measured without any physical contact.
The whole process is quick and barely perceptible. When someone's body temperature exceeds the normal range, the thermometer will keep his or her portrait and immediately raise an alarm.
Yang Xiaohong, vice president of the hospital, said the 5G infrared thermometer was jointly developed by GPPH and China Mobile Guangdong branch. “The infrared thermometers provide better protection for our patients and medical workers by enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of cross-infection,” Yang said.
Compared to traditional infrared thermometers, the 5G technology of the new ones can sufficiently improve the speed of data transmission, making 5G infrared thermometers more flexible for various application scenarios,” a telecom expert from the China Mobile said.
Over 200 sets of 5G infrared thermometers are being installed in many hospitals, transportation hubs, and government service centers in Guangdong province, according to China Mobile. It is expected that more than 1000 sets will be launched shortly.