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No real-name reservations needed for most A-level tourist attractions in Guangzhou

BY :SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :2024-07-08

Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau has announced that starting today (July 8), most of the A-level tourist attractions in Guangzhou will no longer require real-name registration before visit, so as to improve tourist service.

And the A-level tourist attractions that require admission fees should offer visitors diverse ways of payment, from online ticket booking to onsite tickets purchasing through mobile payment, card payment and cash.

According to the announcement, group reservations can still be made at these sites, and other cultural venues, museums, and public scenic spots in the city may also follow this policy.

However, some popular attractions of the city, such as Canton Tower, Chen Clan Academy, Nanyue King Museum, Guangzhou Cultural and Arts Center, the Whampoa Military Academy Memorial Hall and Moxing Summit (摩星岭) of Baiyun Mountain (from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. next day) still require visitors to make a real-name reservation in advance.

The announcement also encourages popular attractions to develop multilingual reservation system to facilitate foreign tourists to make reservations and book tickets online.

Source & photo: Guangzhou Daily

Author: Joyce

Editor: Pauline