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Guangzhou to set up 100 takeoff and landing spots for low-altitude economy

BY :GDToday

UPDATED :2024-07-08

Guangzhou announced 20 measures to promote the development of the low-altitude economy, which support the establishment of manned and unmanned cargo routes and encourage low-altitude tourism and aviation sports, according to the Guangzhou Conference on Promoting High-Quality Development of the Low-Altitude Economy and Accelerating the Construction of Full-Space Unmanned Systems held on July 5.

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The conference also unveiled 12 application scenarios for Guangzhou's low-altitude economy and full-space unmanned systems. These scenarios include transportation, low-altitude cultural tourism, logistics delivery, governmental inspections, agricultural and forestry protection, emergency rescue, unmanned taxis, unmanned buses, unmanned sanitation cleaning, unmanned heavy truck fleets, unmanned light truck cargo transport, and unmanned ships.

Firefighting drone

By 2027, a total of 100 regular takeoff and landing spots will be established across Guangzhou as part of the construction plan for the city's low-altitude infrastructure system, which was also announced at the conference.

Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft

The Guangzhou Low-Altitude Economy Industry Fund, with an amount of 10 billion yuan, was announced. The fund, jointly initiated by Guangzhou Industrial Investment Holding Group and Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group, is the city's first industry investment fund focused on the low-altitude economy. The fund registration has been completed.

Environmental unmanned boat

Guo Yonghang, secretary of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, stated that developing the low-altitude economy and the full-space unmanned system are new quality productive forces for the city to drive high-quality growth. 

Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft

The full-space unmanned system refers to a comprehensive application that integrates the operation and regulation of various unmanned equipment and infrastructure across sea, land, and air. This includes drones, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, and electric vertical take-off and landing.

Flying car

Guo stressed that Guangzhou will promote research and manufacturing by supporting cooperation between enterprises, universities, and research institutions. The opening of low-altitude airspace and the launch of routes in more fields will be accelerated. The infrastructure will be constructed to adapt to the transportation system that integrates air, land, sea, and space transportation management.

Guangzhou will also promote open collaboration with other cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the field of low-altitude economy. Support for related policies and financial assistance will also be enhanced.

Autonomous street sweeper

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