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Baiyun new attraction nominated for national 4A-level tourism site

BY :Baiyun district gov

UPDATED :2024-07-03

Maofeng Mountain (Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu)

Recently, Maofeng Mountain (帽峰山) Forest Park in Guangzhou has been nominated for national 4A-level tourism site.

The forest park is situated at the junction of Taihe (太和) town and Zhongluotan (钟落潭) town in Baiyun district, northeast of downtown Guangzhou.

This provincial forest park is renowned for its steep peaks, dense forests, and clear streams. After morning or evening rain, the peaks emerge amidst the clouds and mist, resembling a snow-white hat.

The park features over 20 peaks with altitudes exceeding 200 meters, the highest of which reaches 534.9 meters, making it the tallest peak in Guangzhou.

Known as the natural oxygen bar of Guangzhou, Maofeng Mountain Forest Park boasts a forest coverage rate of over 95 percent and an abundant negative air ion content, reaching up to 17,500 ions per cubic centimeter.

Visitors can explore recommended sites, including the Ancient Temple Square, Tianhu (天湖) Lake, Red Maple Garden, and the Shanding (山顶) square, to experience the park's beautiful natural scenery.

Surrounding the park are villages such as Baishan (白山), Toubei (头陂), and Suifeng (穗丰), offering unique homestay environments and local delicacies like Taihe roast chicken and Shanshui tofu.

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