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Guangzhou Zoo to reopen its aquarium after upgrade

BY :SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :2024-06-21

Guangzhou Zoo, a popular tourist site in the downtown of Guangzhou, is scheduled to reopen its aquarium, known as Ocean World, to the public on June 25, following the completion of a major revamp.

The aquarium’s construction area is expanded to 20,000 square meters from the previous 13,000 square meters. With a brand-new look, it will consist of four themed zones highlighting the harmonious coexistence of human and the ocean.

They include a jungle adventure zone, a wonderland of sea lion and seal, a futuristic and immersive exhibition zone for marine biology and science popularization, and an elf bay of dolphin.

Visitors will be able to dive into the underwater world to admire a wide variety of marine life up close, such as sea turtle, dolphin, shark, white whale, jellyfish, sea lion and seal, as well as species from the Amazon River.

The aquarium also features a 360 degree ocean tunnel, an 18-meter-long tank of corals and an extraordinary column of fish storm that will definitely amaze visitors. 

Besides, the aquarium has unveiled its new IP image of three animated figures: a dolphin, a seal and a white whale as showed below.

Situated in the northern part of the zoo, the aquarium has a history of about 25 years and has been a cherished memory for many locals. After suspending operation for five years, it has undergone an upgrade since 2023.

The reopening of the aquarium is expected to inject new vitality to and enhance the appeal of Guangzhou Zoo. More activities and programs are planned to provide visitors with a rewarding experience at the aquarium.

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