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Video & pics | Foreign expats savor Dragon Boat Festival in Guangzhou

BY :新花城英文频道

UPDATED :2024-06-14

Before the Dragon Boat Festival falling on June 10 this year, foreign expats in Guangzhou participated in various activities related to the traditional dragon boat culture. Let's discover their journeys.

Liede village

On June 9, a group of foreigners participated in a promotion activity of the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament 2024 to be held on June 16 at Guangzhou's Liede village.

They drank dragon boat tea, ate dragon boat cake and made zongzi with members of the first female dragon boat team in Guangdong province, fully immersing in the folk culture of Liede village, an urban village with over 900 years of history.

Huangpu district

Before the Dragon Boat Festival, a dragon boat race was held in Guangzhou's Huangpu district with 24 teams participating, including one formed by foreign students. "Boating is really good. Maybe one time in your life, you definitely need to try it," said Mark, a Russia student.

Haizhu Wetland

"Extremely fun!" Before the Dragon Boat Festival, a group of teenagers from U.S. high schools on a Sino-US exchange program experienced dragon boat racing with Guangzhou students on the waters of the Haizhu National Wetland Park in Guangzhou.

Sources: Guangzhou Daily, Huangpu Converged Media Center

English author & editor: Lyu Yun

Editor: Annie