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An encounter of 'Altay' in Zengcheng

BY :SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :2024-06-12

The recently-concluded hit mini-series To The Wonder has turned Altay of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region into a dream land of many. Yet in Guangzhou's Zengcheng district, quite a few places are just as captivating as Altay. Follow SilkRoadPost to find out.

1. Gaopu (高埔) Reservoir, Paitan (派潭) Town

The reservoir adjoins with low mountains and hills. Boasting abundant water resource and vegetation, it has earned the reputation of the Hulunbuir Grassland of Guangzhou. Seeing flocks and herds around, you can feel the rustic atmosphere and gentle breeze. You can also feel free to run in front of trees with open arms, just like what the character did in the TV show.

2. Shimalong (石马龙) Wetland Park of Shangjiubei (上九陂) Village, Paitan Town

The reflection of mountains in the water makes the place feel like a fairy land. From the wetland park, you can overlook the splendor of the Baishuizhai (白水寨) Scenic Spot or go camping in the neighboring forest while appreciating the breathtaking landscape.

3. Black olive garden of Dengshan (邓山) Village, Xiaolou (小楼) Town

Walking into Dengshan Village, vast terraced fields and bamboo forest create a scroll of the idyllic countryside for you. Along the nearby green way, you can have fun in the clear water of a flowing stream.

The black olive garden has some 100 olive trees with an average age of more than 200 years, with the oldest tree being over 600 years old.

The garden’s paths are paved with twigs and leaves, which make a crunching sound as you step onto them. When you roam in the garden, the fast-paced city life can be put behind for a while.

4. Sushanfang (宿山房) Bed & Breakfast of Mishi (密石) Village, Paitan Town

Situated in the northern part of Paitan Town, Mishi Village is included in the first batch of high quality development project for Guangdong counties, towns, and villages.

An exquisite building exudes its appeal to passers-by. Sushanfang, a bed and breakfast joining with a vast green lawn, attracts batches of guests by virtue of its well-equipped facilities such as hot spring, a swimming pool, a tea room, a reading room, etc..

Outside the fence of the lawn is a paddy field, where you may have the chance to interact with sika deer and experience a poetic lifestyle far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Source: 增城区融媒体中心

Author: Liu Liu

Editor: Pauline