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Eco adventures await at Baiyun's Liupian Mountain

BY :Baiyun district gov

UPDATED :2024-06-11

On June 2, Baiyun district hosted the June 5 Environmental Day event alongside the Green and Beautiful Baiyun Ecological Construction activity, encompassing locations such as Liupian Mountain (六片山) and Phoenix Mountain.

That day, hundreds of citizens embarked on a 10-kilometer hike and experienced the beauty of Baiyun's environment.

Citizens hike on Liupian Mountain. (Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu)

Liupian Mountain is lush and picturesque, with a variety of natural wonders along the way. The Heaven Pool on the mountain shines brightly under the sunlight, creating a breathtakingly beautiful sight.

Originally a quarry, Liupian Mountain is transformed into a unique Heaven Pool after the quarry was abandoned, and eventually becomes a well-known hot spot for social media check-ins.

Participants traversed the woods, feeling the fresh mountain breeze, listening to the gurgling of water, and overlooking the azure Heaven Pool — a true natural wonderland.

The event recommended a hiking route on Liupian Mountain, starting from the Yongtai Trailhead, passing through attractions such as Honglu Reservoir (红路水库), Phoenix Mountain Heaven Pool, and Nanhu Golf Course, and ending at Liupian Mountain Forest Park Tianchi.

Liupian Mountain (Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu)

Last year, Liupian Mountain began its transformation into a forest park, combining ecological restoration and construction efforts to create a comprehensive forest park. It attracted 46 million yuan (US$ 6.35 million) in social capital investment.

In the future, the core scenic area of Liupian Mountain will focus on the "Baiyun Heaven Pool", emphasizing tourism experiences, adventure fitness, and science education, and forming an ecological corridor to allow people to revel in the beauty of nature.

Editor: Annie