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Heritage preserved through dragon boat culture in Huangpu

BY :Huangpu district gov

UPDATED :2024-06-07

2023 Huangpu dragon boat scene (Photo/WeChat account: gh_ce3bb2268796)

As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, the water-rich and naturally endowed land of Huangpu district in Guangzhou once again welcomes its one-of-a-kind dragon boat tradition — the Dragon Boat Visitation.

Huang Weifeng, the village head of Xiayuan (夏园) village, shares his unique bond with dragon boats and the memories they hold for the people of Huangpu. During the traditional dragon-rising ceremony, villagers collectively unearth multiple dragon boats hidden in the boat dock, showcasing the unique charm of dragon boat culture.

Villagers choose auspicious days to retrieve the dragon boats from the water, initiating grand dragon boat processions and elaborate dragon boat ceremonies. These ceremonies rotate among villages, fostering friendship and showcasing the spirit of unity and mutual assistance among the people of Huangpu.

Dragon boat banquet, an integral part of dragon boat culture, is shared among villagers. The older generation believes that eating dragon boat banquet brings prosperity and abundance for the year. Amid laughter and joy, villagers gather to savor the banquet, passing down rich traditions and deep local sentiments.

The dragon boat culture in Huangpu transcends mere sports competition, carrying the collective memories and profound emotions of generations of Huangpu residents.

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