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Cartoon exhibition shows Cantonese charm

BY :SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :2024-06-05

A cartoon exhibition themed on Cantonese and Guangfu culture is ongoing in Guoxiangguan (国香馆) sub-venue in the Orchid Garden of Guangzhou and will run through July 28.

The action-packed show displays cartoon works filled with multifarious elements, such as clothing, articles of daily uses and folk customs. 

The painter, Chen Disheng (Guangfu Lao Di), also a renowned media professional and a researcher of languages from Guangzhou, has injected new vitality into Cantonese culture through his paintings.

The exhibition offers visitors a glimpse of scenes of everyday life in Guangzhou. Meanwhile, the enthusiasm, sense of humor and wisdom of Guangfu people are vividly depicted through the exhibits, taking people back to childhood.

Also on display are quite a few rarely-used Chinese characters, which are acclaimed as treasures of Cantonese culture with abundant connotations.

By scanning the QR code onsite, visitors can learn more about the characters and listen to Cantonese dialogues.

Moreover, various cultural and creative products are presented on the exhibition, such as bookmarks with written Cantonese, exquisite cartoon postcards and mugs inscribed with stories in Guangfu.

Source & Photos: 南方+

Author: Liu Liu

Editor: Joyce