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Be surprised by 3D wall paintings around street corners

BY :SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :2024-05-31

Many old walls in the streets and alleys of Yuexiu district have been transformed and decorated with stunning 3D wall paintings in various themes. Many tourists have been attracted by the paintings and venture into these streets to take photos.

Fuxue Xijie (府学西街)

Stretching about 400 meters, Fuxue Xijie locates near Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street. The vivid wall paintings in Fuxue Xijie are full of Cantonese characteristics, such as temple fair, lion dance, herbal tea, and olive carving. 

Huaqiao Xincun (华侨新村)

Located in downtown Guangzhou, the community is surrounded by green trees and flowers, with beautiful birds chirping. About twenty wall paintings can be seen in the area, injecting vitality into the old community.

Zhunan Community (筑南社区)

A 200-meter street is decorated with colorful wall paintings depicting fun children's games, such as making paper airplanes, jumping ropes, playing hopscotch, and playing glass balls. They remind visitors of their sweet childhood memories.

Source and photos: 广州越秀发布

Author: Annie

Editor: Pauline