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Explore GBA story through eyes of British artist

BY :Nansha district gov

UPDATED :2024-05-28

On May 22, British artist Rob Pepper participated in the Yuexiu Bay Area Urban Design Week in Nansha district, where he revealed his artwork The Tale of Cocity. This particular piece had been previously chosen as a British national gift presented to Chinese leaders.

Pepper, an internationally acclaimed artist, has exhibited his works in various cities, including London, Melbourne, Houston, Dallas, Hong Kong, and Beijing. He currently holds the position of president of the London Art College. His works often center around portraying city skylines with smooth lines, unexpected color compositions, and a strong artistic flair.

The showcased artwork, The Tale of Cocity, features iconic elements of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, incorporating the Nansha Tianhou Palace statue, Nansha archway, and vintage sailboats.

The event also included interactive sessions with students and educators from various schools alongside a philanthropic educational initiative focused on art collaboration, vividly illustrating the fusion of art and culture.

Pepper and his work The Tale of Cocity (Photo/WeChat account: gz_nanshafabu)

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